Carrboro advisory boards weigh in on the Carrboro CVS


  1. Jeff Herrick says:

    I understand your desire to have an office downtown Carrboro. That is an issue for Carrboro to have more office space and I’m hoping there will be more office space built in the future. To you last point.. Its true local government can’t control which businesses go into certain buildings IF that property is zoned for that purpose. One of the many problems with this CVS project is that it requires a lot of land and 24-hour parking lot for that business. Almost half the land CVS wants to build on is not zoned for this purpose. The local government does have say over what the zoning designations are. Also CVS only owns 3 of the 6 properties that they want to build on. In my opinion, there are ways to develop the properties along Greensboro & Weaver St that could protect the adjacent residents and not be a huge burden on downtown traffic.. maybe even add to the office space downtown 🙂

    • Lynn Hayes says:

      I agree with you Jeff, but it does appear that the horse has left the barn in that CVS already owns the land. So I suppose it will be there in one form or another. I was very impressed with the recommendations made by the advisory boards. I see you’ve updated your website, I’ll feature you in a post soon.

  2. Jeff Herrick says:

    To be clear CVS only owns 3 relatively disjointed pieces of property. They would need to purchase 3 more pieces of property & the town must change the zoning on 3 pieces of property to build their project. I still see the horse in the barn from where I am sitting…