A new research park in Chatham County


  1. Disgusted says:

    I moved to Chatham County, Jordan Lake area for peace and to get away from corporations and city life. THIS SUCKS!

    • Lynn Hayes says:

      I am really torn, because I do live in Chatham County and I too moved there for peace and quiet. And then Briar Chapel was built right next to my quiet little neighborhood after a long fight. On the other hand, I love Pittsboro and it is dying. The only way to keep Chatham County alive is to populate it with people who will work in the county and not just use it as a bedroom community to work and spend money elsewhere.

  2. Gotta be a joke!! says:

    We live out in quiet Chatham County towns for a reason! The pan of the lake in the video is why we live out here.

    Diversify the economy, attract Google and similar big names, walk to work? Are you kidding me? I don’t want a shopping mall in my neighborhood!!!

    North Carolina is slowly losing its identity and being destroyed by projects like this. Won’t be long after “they” (Preston and like developers) over-populate Chatham County, that they will again be looking for greener pastures. Wow, this is indeed disgusting.

  3. Michael says:

    This would take more than ten years to develop and a better economy than we have in February 2012. There are huge obstacles and risks and tremendous benefits at stake. An area grows or it languishes and dies. There is no “THIS” forever. I-540 is bringing changes that started when the railroad came to Siler City and Jordan Lake better managed crippling floods. This whole area was unaccessible swamp and wetlands before Jordan Lake. Don’t begrudge our neighbor’s prosperity for our self-interest. If a developer can overcome all the state and county rules and regulations, more power to them.

  4. UrsulaV says:

    I think that I’ll worry a lot more once the hypothetical multinational buys it. The economy for large scale development is so trashed right now that this sounds like a sales pitch that may not have a buyer. Once it has a buyer, it could take years, possibly decades to actually enact on any kind of scale. I can see this sitting undeveloped for a long time…and hell, even if Google buys it tomorrow, I’d rather be annexed by Google than Cary.

    I think the sales pitch is unduly optimistic, as sales pitches often are. Beyond that…well, it’d suck, but I guess someone was bound to notice that Chatham was awesome eventually.

  5. John R. Dykers, Jr. says:

    I remember when Governor Luther Hodges envisioned the Research Triangle Park and the whole area was piney woods!

  6. Rod Beatson says:

    Excellent idea!!!!!!!

  7. Don says:

    If Chatham County is going to grow, and it should,this developer has a excellent proven track record. Don’t stop growth, embrace it. Let’s attract strong business and quality homes, where their’s both growth and a quality way of life for all. It can be done, and we have one of the best developers in the country wanting to get it done.

    • Lynn Hayes says:

      It’s hard to tell from this video whether the development is being positioned to be sold, or whether they are trying to recruit businesses. But it seems odd that there is no press release or anything else on the web.

  8. Cheryl G says:

    Like the words to the Eagles song goes ” Call someplace Paradise…kiss it goodbye ”
    Its very sad and also maddening !

  9. Susan Martel Turner says:

    I have 5 acres on the cusp of the proposed development off Russett Run. I moved to Raleigh (before N. Raleigh) in 1955 and have seen RTP grow beautifully during these years. It’s beautifully done with crowding and only enhances it’s surrounding area. This will be a fitting use to our beautiful North Chatham. However, all along our road we have left our back 1 acres in woods for a barrier. We love our land….

  10. Daniel says:

    The video makes me sick to my stomach. It shows how beautiful the area around Jordan Lake and the Haw River really is, but all of that would be destroyed if this development is built. I especially love the ending with the Eagle flying over Jordan lake. Do you seriously think that all that wildlife is going to hang around when this development is being built?

  11. Greg Pahel says:

    Likely this will never happen. They are bucking all current trends that suggest that people, especially young people, want an environment that is not automobile centered, where home, work and play are all within easy reach. They will be competing with downtown Raleigh and Durham and with any luck will not actually be able to pull it off.

  12. HydeArts says:


  13. Howard says:

    This is terrible. Corporate greed at its best. They will not be happy until they have destroyed all that makes Chatham county what it is today.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hell why dont we just put up a sign that says welcome to Cary NC.

  15. Mommabear says:

    CRAP. I just moved to PIttsboro and finished unpacking. I do not want this in my town!! I moved here to get away from this type of development.
    This is going to have a major impact on Jordan Lake and the water quality. I hope the powers that be are very strict about keeping the water and the wildlife safe. Dang.

  16. Peter Buch says:

    I’m sorry if you thought Chatham County was a retirement community, and I’m sorry if it offends you that some people need jobs.

  17. JustSayin' says:

    What are the chances that the horrified commenters who moved to charming Pittsboro “to get away from the city” commute to work in Raleigh, Durham, RTP, etc.?

    Or maybe they all run barber shops and dime stores on the square, walk to work, and grow their own crops.

  18. John Chalmbers says:

    RTP currently puts NC on the national Map for Technology leaders in the US. Chatham Park would enhance this leadership bringing a stronger economy and high paying jobs. I agree with “JustSayin” that I may shop at dime stores but could never afford to own or work at one. A new tech Park in Chatham will bring much needed high paying jobs in the $75,000 to $185,000 range. Go to CCCC and take some tech classes, get some certs and go to work at Chatham Park. Sounds good to me……


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